Environmental Health

The Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit is also responsible for inspections of schools, indoor air quality, realty subdivisions, housing, hygiene, tattoo and body piercing establishments, enforcment of the Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act and emergency sanitation.

Children's Camp Inspection Program The health and safety of children attending summer day and overnight children's camps are enhanced by department inspections to keep them in compliance with the State Sanitary Code. Camp programs are evaluated to insure proper supervision, general program safety, fire safety, aquatics safety and supervision, medical qualifications and adequate sanitary facilities. Camps receive a minimum of two inspections per year, one in the pre-season and one during the camping season.

Temporary Residences Temporary residences (hotels, motels, trailer parks and campgrounds) are routinely inspected to insure adequate sanitation facilities, fire safety, safe drinking water, satisfactory food service and aquatic facilities and the control of solid waste, insect and rodents. Additionally, the department inspects all mass gatherings within Schenectady County (public gatherings for more than 24 hours and 5,000 people).

Public Water Safety Program Assuring the distribution of safe, potable drinking water to all residents of the County of Schenectady is the main objective of the Schenectady County Environmental Health Units' Public Water Supply Program. The Environmental Health Unit oversees forty-nine (39) community and non-community water supplies. An example of a community water supply would be the City of Schenectady and non-community water supply would be a school or restaurant. All water supplies are required to submit water samples for analysis to the Environmental Health Unit for review. Community water supplies are routinely sampled for bacteriological contaminants, radiological, lead and copper levels, synthetic, volatile organic and inorganic compounds, as well as a variety other compounds. Annual inspections and numerous field visits are conducted by this office to assure compliance with the State Sanitary Code by local municipalities. All municipal water supplies are required to create and dispense an Annual Water Quality Report to all people to whom they supply water. These reports are available to city and town residents at your local municipal office.

Swimming Pools & Beach Inspections Clean and pollution-free waters represent important objectives of the Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit surveillance of water recreation facilities. There are 37 pools and 2 beaches within Schenectady County. Approximately 2 to 3 inspections are done annually to insure that water quality, supervision and life saving apparatus is adequate. Water recreation facilities are required to submit monthly operation reports, safety plans, emergency plans and lifeguard certification information, all of which are reviewed by the Environmental Health Unit for compliance with the New York State Sanitary Code.





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