Community Prosecution

The Community Prosecution Team (CPT) is a part of the District Attorney’s office that focuses on addressing the issues in high crime areas of Schenectady. Through various projects and programs, members of the CPT are working together with residents and other organizations to better the community.

Stop the Silence Summit
The Community Prosecution Team is currently working on creating an event that will advocate cooperation with residents. Cooperating with police and prosecution offices has unfortunately received a bad connotation in urban, underprivileged communities. Residents see and experience violence and other crimes in our neighborhoods yet do not report due to fear or an attempt to avoid “snitching”. With this event, CPT hopes to enlighten the community on how working together will benefit the community and try to “Stop the Silence”.






Charlie Mills Center
920 Albany Street
Schenectady, NY 12307

1(800) OPEN-DOOR (673-6667)


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