Composting Products

Compost Does It All!
Compost use has expanded significantly over the last decade and has become a problem solver for a whole host of issues in landscape construction and maintenance. For example, soils that are compacted, soils that are “too sandy,” acidic soils, soils that don’t hold fertilizers, and soils that simply do not support plant life well are all remediated with the incorporation of compost.

The use of compost and the recognition of its value as an integral ingredient in sustainable landscaping practices have greatly increased in recent years. Simply put, professionals have discovered that there is no other product that does all the things compost does to address existing problems relating to soil and plant growth.

Compost “does it all” by fortifying the soil with the right stuff to allow plant material to grow naturally.  It adds vital organic matter that increases water holding, and makes nutrients more available to plants. It adds macro and essential micro-nutrients that are often deficient in soil, as well as provides many other benefits such as increased aeration, reduced soil bulk-density, and enhanced drainage.

The Schenectady County Composting Facility offers compost, garden soil, and mulch for sale to the public.

Screened Yard Trimmings Compost is organic compost that is high in micro- and macronutrients derived from the grinding and processing of grass, leaves, brush, and stumps. This material is an excellent soil amendment to lawns, gardens, and planters to improve existing soil conditions.

Screened, freshly ground woodchips consisting of both hardwood and softwood chips. A nice product for mulching around trees and shrubbery. Helps prevent gardens from drying out, and helps keep weeds to a minimum.

A screened blend of compost and loamy sand. Excellent for lawn areas.

Freshly ground and screened. Dyed with a safe and all natural coloring product.
Available in Red, Dark Brown, and Black.


Screened Yard Waste Compost

Bulk Compost

$20.00/cubic yard

Bagged Compost

$3.00 per bag (1.2 cu. ft.)
$7.00 for 3 bags



Blended Garden Soil

Bulk Garden Soil

$25.00/cubic yard

Bagged Garden Soil

$4.00 per bag (2.0 cu. ft.)


Natural Woodship Mulch

Bulk Natural Mulch

$15.00/cubic yard

Bagged Natural Mulch

$3.00 per bag (2.0 cu. ft.)
$7.00 for 3 bags



Colored Woodchip Mulch (available in Red, Dark Brown, and Black)

Bulk Colored Mulch

$30.00/cubic yard

Bagged Colored Mulch

$4.00 per bag (2.0 cu. ft.)