Healthy Schenectady Families

"Every Child is Worth It"

Healthy Schenectady Families (HSF) is a free and voluntary home visiting program for pregnant women and parents of infants and toddlers. The services, which may continue for three to five years, provide support, nurturing, and education to help parents with the changes and needs of their family that can come along with the birth of a child. HSF provides home visitors in collaboration with Schenectady County Public Health Services and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County. Families may call the Schenectady County Public Health Services office at 386-2824 to request services or may be referred by their health care provider or other professional. 5 Ways Healthy Schenectady Families WORKS! The first years last forever. Schenectady's future depends upon the love and care we give to each other's children. Healthy brain and emotional development lead to a healthy, resilient and secure child. Healthy children require a family and community that supports them and meets their needs. All families can learn the skills it takes to raise a healthy, sucessful child. A resilient, secure child will succeed in school, be able to resist high-risk behaviors and contribute to their community.





107 Nott Terrace
Schaffer Heights
Schenectady, NY 12308
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