Pet Owner Information

Dog License Requirements 
Pursuant to New York State Agriculture & Markets Law all dogs, regardless of age, owned or harbored in New York State for longer than 30 days are required to be licensed in the municipality in which the dog resides.  Please contact your local municipal clerk (City, Town or Village) for information regarding the licensing of your dog.

Rabies Information

Rabies is a serious illness, which can result in human death. The Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit investigates 350 to 400 rabies exposures annually, both from domestic and wild animals, to protect County residents from rabies. 
Bat rabies accounts for almost all cases of human rabies in this country. Although only 1% of the bats submitted for rabies testing are positive, any exposure to bats should be reported to the Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit. The bat should be saved for testing. Additionally, exposures from any wild animal, bites or scratches, should be reported to the Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit at (518) 386-2818 and the animal saved for testing as well.


Animal Protective Foundation - Schenectady

Periodic rabies vaccination clinics for domestic animals are held in the County. Dates, times and locations for these clinics can be obtained by calling (518) 386-2818.