Eviction Process

The Schenectady County Sheriff's Department has statutory authority to perform evictions throughout Schenectady County. This process will be conducted by our Civil Enforcement Division after certain procedures are met by the landlord. Evictions can only be done after a court order has been issued and can only be done by the Sheriff's Department.

  • Landlords have no legal authority to perform an eviction.
  • The landlord must present the appropriate court documents to our Civil office and pay the fees required by law before the process begins.
  • After the eviction papers have been served by the Sheriff's Department it is the responsibility of the landlord to make arrangements for moving and storage. The landlord is responsible for the payment of the mover and for the first thirty (30) days of secure storage.The landlord must contact the movers and reserve them for the day of the evicition as set by the Sheriff's Department.
  • Landlords should check the rental property the day of, or night before, to see if there has been voluntary compliance by the tenant. If the tenant has moved and the property has been vacated, the landlord should contact the Sheriff's Department to cancel the eviction. Also, please notify us if the tenants have not left the property and enforcement action is still needed.
  • The landlord or an agent representing the landlord should be present at the time of the eviction to pay the movers, open any loced doors as required, and to provide information regarding the process as needed. All belongings will be placed in storage by the movers. The movers will not take soiled clothing, plants, food, dirty dishes, etc. Any pets not taken by the tenant at the time of the eviction will become the landlord's responsibility.

All conditions required by the Civil Enforcement Division must be met for the protection of the landlord and the tenant





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