Bail Procedures

To bail an inmate out of jail, you have a variety of options. Corrections division now takes cash, certified bank checks, and credit cards. You can make a payment in person, or electronically.

Be advised, that by paying bail, you are ensuring that the inmate will return to court as scheduled. If this does not occur your bail may be forfeited.

The Schenectady County Correction Facility works with GovPayNet to allow remote bail service. Use of the GovPayNet service will include a FEE that will be added to all transactions. This fee is 7% of the bail amount. In order to pay bail on-line you will need to have the following information available:

1. Defendant's Name

2. Defendant's Date of Birth

3. Court of Jurisdiction and Name of Judge

4. Cash Bail Amount

This information can be obtained from the Corrections Division by calling-  (518) 388-4300

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE CARD HOLDER: If you are using the remote bail option, the receipt for bail will be made out to the Defendant. This means that the funds (minus the service fee) being paid by way of your credit card WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE DEFENDANT.

All funds released by the court when the case is disposed of can only be collected by the Defendant. It will then be your responsibility to obtain the funds from the Defendant.

Once Schenectady County Sheriff's Office receives confirmation that the appropriate amount of money has been transferred to our account, Corrections staff will process a bail release for the Defendant and the Defendant will sign the bail receipt.

You will be assessed a fee consisting of 7% of the total bail amount. 

If you need technical support contact

1-877-EZBAIL5 to speak to a GovPayNet Specialist 





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