Fire Advisory Board

The County Fire Advisory Board develops, promotes and administers a plan for the mobilization of fire department equipment and personnel, and the training of fire department members in the county of Schenectady in order to provide maximum protection to the communities of the County in cooperation with the State of New York and/or other designated branch(es) or division(s) whose purpose if the administration of fire service programs. 

The Board shall recommend rules and regulations for the County Mutual Aid Plan in the best interest of the County and shall foster and develop this plan by promoting mutual understanding, harmony, and enthusiasm in the activities of the plan. 

The Board consist of members are nominated from each of the towns and the City of Schenectady. Members are officially appointed by the Schenectady County Legislature and serve a three year term.


Fire Advisory Board  Officers:


John Tobiassen
Vice Chairman  Shawn Taylor
Secretary Pat Murray
Fire Advisory Board Members:



Home Fire Department




Ken Labelle    

Burtonsville Fire Dept.


James Weakley

Mariaville Fire Dept.


Jeff Hoffman

Duanesburg Fire Dept.





Doug Lauser

Thomas Corners Fire Dept.


David Gallup

Beukendaal Fire Dept.


Mike Podolec   

West Glenville Fire Dept.





Tom Christie

Stanford Heights Fire Dept.


Dale Lingenfelter

Niskayuna Fire District #1


Charlie Friferici

Niskayuna Fire District #2





John Tobiassen

Plotterkill Fire Company


Thomas Shaw

Plotterkill Fire Company





James Wood

South Schenectady Fire Dept.


Lloyd Denny Jr.

South Schenectady Fire Dept.


Shawn Taylor

Rotterdam Junction Fire Dept.

City of Schenectady




Ray Senecal

Schenectady City Fire Dept.


Michael Gillespie

Schenectady City Fire Dept.



Schenectady City Fire Dept.


Ex-Officio Members

Tom Constantine     

County Legislature 


Mark LaViolette

Director - EMO

  Robert Moore  

Deputy Director - EMO 

The Fire Advisory Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month, except July and August, at Schenectady Fire Department, Station #1, 360 Veeder Avenue at 7:00 PM. 





Mark LaViolette

Emergency Management
130 Princetown Plaza
Schenectady, NY
(518) 370-3113 (p)