Information for Renters and Residents

Information for Renters and Residents

Lead is found in the paint of many older homes in Schenectady County, especially in homes built before 1978. If you are living in an older home and have children under age 6, there is greater chance that your children are being poisoned by lead. Also, if you are pregnant and are exposed to lead, your baby can develop health problems. As a renter, it is your right to know if your home contains lead that could be hazardous to the health of your family.

Rights as a Renter/ Tenant

If the landlord was aware of any lead in the home, they are required to tell new tenants about the lead hazard before leasing the property and provide an EPA booklet about lead. Not all landlords are aware the home they are renting has lead, so call us for an inspection if you are not sure. If a lead hazard is found, the landlord is required to fix it at no cost to you. If you are having problems with your landlord, please contact The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York at 518-462-6765.





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