Schenectady County Household Hazardous Waste Program

The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program is on HOLD until further notice.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

The Household Hazardous Waste Collection events allow County residents to bring unwanted hazardous chemicals from around their homes for safe and environmentally sound disposal.  The program is available only to Schenectady County residents with the purchase of a Composting Facility and Resident Recycling Center permit.  The cost of the permit is $20 for the calendar year and can be purchased at the Composting Facility and Resident Recycling Center or the Schenectady County Finance Office at 620 State Street, 3rd Floor, Schenectady, 12305.  Space is limited for each date so make sure to register early. Registration closes one week before each collection date.  To register by phone call (518) 386-2225 x9-556.

Acceptable items include leftover or unused household cleaners, paints and paint related items, lawn & garden chemicals and automobile fluids (except anti-freeze and motor oil), and a variety of other hazardous chemicals found around the house.  Bring items in their original container with the original label if possible.    

The HHW collection does not accept used motor oil, antifreeze, lighting, batteries, asbestos, explosives (including ammunition), smoke detectors, medical waste, grill-sized propane tanks or larger, electronics including TVs, computers or computer accessories, or empty aerosol or paint containers.

Only material from residential households will be accepted.  No waste from commercial, industrial, institutional, or non-profits will be accepted.  Schenectady County does sponsor a program for small businesses and non-profits.

An annual permit for the County Compost Facility and Recycling Center is required in order to participate in the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. The permit cost is $20 and must be purchased prior to the date of the collection you are attending.

Our 2019 Collection Program is now over.  Please check back in 2020 for the dates of our 2020 Collection Program

Resident Permits

A valid vehicle registration and $20 cash is required at time of purchase.
The Permit Card is valid for the current calendar year (January 1 - December 31)

The Schenectady County Household Hazardous Waste Reduction Program provides information for residents, small businesses, schools and non-profits on how to get rid of leftover and unwanted hazardous chemical items.  Information is also provided to show you how to reduce the use of toxic materials at your home or business. Hazardous waste addressed by the program includes paints, solvents, cleaning chemicals, lawn and garden chemicals, automobile fluids, fluorescent light bulbs, computers, television sets, and cell phones.

Household hazardous chemicals are any products in the home which are labeled as flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive. Any labeling that indicates danger also signifies the presence of hazardous chemicals. Household hazardous chemicals can be found in many places around the home and they pose a variety of health and environmental risks.

  • Flammable indicates that a product may easily catch fire. Flammable products should not be stored near heating sources like furnaces, stoves, space heaters or electrical wiring.
  • Toxic indicates that a product can poison you by eating or drinking small quantities of it. It may also poison you if you breathe it in or even touch it. It is important to keep toxic substances away from children and pets.
  • Corrosive indicates that a product can chemically burn you by touching it or even by breathing it in.
  • Reactive means that a dangerous reaction can occur when two or more substances are mixed or interact with each other. The reaction can be the emitting of hazardous fumes or even an explosion.

There are a variety of programs in Schenectady County for the disposal of household hazardous waste. Some of these programs are public and some are private.






Dept. of Economic Dev. & Planning
Schaffer Heights, Suite 303
107 Nott Terrace
Schenectady NY 12308
(518) 386-2225 (p)
(518) 382-5539 (f)