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Environmental Health

The Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit protects public health through enforcement of State and local sanitary codes. The Unit uses inspections, surveillance, industry and public education, and partnerships with NYS Department of Health and the health care community to fulfill its mission.

Individual programs regulate food service establishments, public water supplies, swimming pools and bathing beaches, camping facilities, temporary residences (hotels and motels), body art establishments, mobile home parks, schools and day care facilities, and septic systems.  Other departmental grant programs include lead poisoning prevention, healthy neighborhoods, tobacco control, and rabies control.

Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention

The Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act (ATUPA) was passed to stop sales of tobacco products to individuals under age 21.

ATUPA is governed by NYS Public Health Law, Section 1399-cc: The sale of cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, powdered tobacco, shisha, or other tobacco products, herbal cigarettes, liquid nicotine, electronic cigarettes, rolling papers or smoking paraphernalia to persons under 21 years of age is prohibited by law.

In Schenectady County, ATUPA is enforced by Schenectady County Public Health Services Environmental Unit.

ATUPA Violations - October 2021

Body Art

Body Art Permit Application and Required Documents List

Body Art Event and Temporary Permit Requirements

Body Art Sanitary Code Book

Children's Camps

A day camp is a program operated between June 1 and September 15 for children under 16 years old for the purpose of indoor or outdoor organized group activities, involving two or more activities of which at least one is a non-passive recreational activity with significant risk of injury, with no provisions for overnight occupancy.

An overnight camp is a program for persons under 18 years old for the purpose of indoor or outdoor organized activities in which provisions are made for overnight occupancy.

Required documents for obtaining a children’s camp permit:

DOH 3915 Permit to Operate Application

Permit Fee Schedule

Insurance Requirements

DOH 367 Staff Description

DOH 367a Additional Staff Qualifications

DOH 2271 Director Certified Statement

LDSS 3370 Statewide Central Register Database Check

Children’s Camp Safety Plan



Code book link

NYS Children’s Camps

Requirements for Children’s Camps in NYS

Drinking Water and Wastewater

Private Well Sampling information

Private Well Sampling Procedure

Well Disinfection Procedure


Realty Subdivision

Application for Sanitary Facilities for Realty Subdivisions

Proposed Realty Subdivision Checklist


Septic application

Individual Application and cover

Commercial Application and cover

Perc Test Application and cover


Food Service Establishment (Restaurant)

A food service establishment is a place where food is prepared and intended for individual portion service and includes the site at which the individual portions are provided, whether consumption occurs on or off the premises. This includes restaurants and take-out facilities.

Code book link

Cooling and reheating handout

Preventing foodborne illness outbreaks poster

DOH 3915 Permit to Operate Application

Permit Fee Schedule

Insurance Requirements

Restaurant Proposal Guide

Plan Review Fee Schedule

Mobile Food Vending (Food Truck/Trailer/Pushcart)

A mobile food service is a self-contained food service operation located in a vehicle, movable stand or a pushcart that is used to store, prepare, display, or serve food intended for individual portion service.

DOH 3915 Permit to Operate Application

Permit Fee Schedule

Insurance Requirements

Mobile Food Vending Requirements

Code book link


Permit Fee Schedule

Insurance Requirements 

Permit to  Operate Application

Temporary Food

A temporary food service is an operation where food is prepared and served to the public at a fixed location in conjunction with a single event or a celebration of not more than 14 consecutive days.

DOH 3915 Permit to Operate Application

Permit Fee Schedule

Insurance Requirements

Code book link

NYS Temporary Food Service Guidance

Rabies Information

Rabies is a serious illness, which can result in human death. The Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit investigates 350 to 400 rabies exposures annually, both from domestic and wild animals, to protect County residents from rabies.

Bat rabies accounts for almost all cases of human rabies in this country. Although only 1% of the bats submitted for rabies testing are positive, any exposure to bats should be reported to the Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit. The bat should be saved for testing. Additionally, exposures from any wild animal, bites or scratches, should be reported to the Schenectady County Environmental Health Unit at (518) 386-2818 and the animal saved for testing as well.

Periodic rabies vaccination clinics for domestic animals are held in the County. Dates, times and locations for these clinics can be obtained by calling (518) 386-2818. You can also stop back here at the Schenectady County website to check for scheduled vaccination clinics.

Rabies vaccinations are available for cats, dogs and ferrets BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at the drive-thru clinic.

Upcoming Free Rabies Clinic:

November 6, 2021, 10am-12pm

Princetown Town Hall

165 Princetown Plaza

Schenectady, NY 12306

Register online or by calling (518) 386-2818.

Registrants must wear a face mask in their car while at the clinic. Dogs must be leashed, cats and ferrets must be in a carrier.