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Schenectady County Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency, it is critically important for you to be prepared and for you to be informed. Schenectady County is taking a proactive approach to enabling its citizens to be aware of emergency situations that may impact individuals and businesses in Schenectady County. Schenectady County Alert is an emergency notification system enabling and empowering interested parties to be aware of extreme incidents in Schenectady County.

Schenectady County Alert is powered by Smart 911.

Examples Include:
  • Chemical spills impacting public health 
  • Active shooter situations causing an evacuation or Shelter-In-Place orders 
  • Significant road closures such as a highway closure not lane closures or daily traffic incidents 
  • Closure or interruption in service of county operations 
  • Additional notifications affecting the health and safety of the county 
  • Emergency parking changes 
Messages will be limited to:
  • Imminent or perceived threats to life or property 
  • Disaster notifications 
  • Evacuation notices 
  • Public Health emergencies 
  • Public Safety emergencies 
Sign Up Now

Self-register online, create a secure account, enter your name and contact information. Schenectady County recommends that everyone should have a plan during emergencies and a method to accept notifications in different modes (NOAA Weather radios, Television, phone app, etc). 

SchenectadyCountyAlert is a FREE voluntary service.  Alerts will be sent via text and email so standard messaging rates may apply. Information submitted will be kept confidential and not be released to any third party.


The County is providing SchenectadyCountyAlert as a public service. All information sent is expected to be accurate, complete, and timely at the stage of posting. The County may make updates or changes to this information at any time as new information becomes available. No guarantee of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory is given concerning the contents forwarded. The immediate and fast-moving nature of websites means that there may be links to sites that are changed or no longer functional. We apologize if this should occur and assure you we are continually updating, reviewing, and improving our site and its content. 

It is the responsibility of the registered individual to ensure their contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Schenectady County cannot guarantee the timely delivery of alerts due to technical variables such as third-party email and text messaging systems, as well as individual services to remote and handheld devices.