County Court House

District Attorney  ♦  3rd Floor Judicial Building 612 State Street Schenectady, NY 12305  ♦  518-388-4364
Robert M. Carney, District Attorney


The District Attorney’s Office represents the People of the State of New York in the prosecution of all criminal cases in the village, town, city and county courts of Schenectady County. Duties include the presentation of felony cases to the grand jury for indictment, conducting hearings, trials, negotiating pleas and representing the People at all phases of a criminal action, including appeals. The District Attorney’s Office is divided into various bureaus consisting of City Court, County Court, Grand Jury, Appeals, Intelligence and Investigations, Major Crimes, and Special Victims. The District Attorney’s Office has secured and administers grant-funded programs from state, federal and private sources in 10 different areas including programs to fight domestic violence, to prosecute gun crimes and gang violence, to assist the victims of crime, to improve the investigation of crimes against children, to prosecute white collar crime that leads to recovery of state revenues, and to provide police with wireless surveillance cameras to monitor high-crime areas and equipment to record interrogations. In 2015, the office administered grant revenues totaling $1,077,900. 

The District Attorney’s Office will endeavor to keep the people of Schenectady County safe by vigorously prosecuting those who commit crimes while safeguarding the rights of victims of crime and those who are accused of crime.





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