Who We Are

The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police unit currently consists of 32 members and operates under the supervision of the Schenectady County Office of Emergency Management and in coordination with the Schenectady County Sheriffs Department.


EMO Director Mark LaViolette
Schenectady County Sheriff   Dominic Dagostino
Auxiliary Police Chief    Ray Feurstein


Roster of Officers   Member Status
Chief Ray Feurstein Chief Three Stars Board of Directors
Deputy Cheif Dan Hildreth Deputy Two Stars Board of Directors
Deputy Chief Fred Johnson
(Ret. Active)
Deputy Two Stars Board of Directors
Major Pat Parisi Major Leaf Board of Directors/Chaplin
Captain Denise Devito Captain Double Bar Board of Directors
Lieutenant Robin Klimek Lieutenant Single Bar Platoon 1
Lieutenant John Retz Lieutenant Single Bar Platoon 2
Sergeant at Arms
Lieutenant Scott Ferguson Lieutenant Single Bar Platoon 3
Lieutenant Keith Edwards Lieutenant Single Bar Platoon 4
Sergeant Steve Lazinski Sergeant Platoon 1
Sergeant Kyle Stark Sergeant Platoon 2
Sergeant Vince Califano Sergeant Platoon 3/Treasurer
Sergeant Thomas H. Sergeant Platoon 4/Trainer
Corporal Bruce H. Corporal Platoon 1
Corporal Kevin S. Corporal Platoon 2
Corporal David G. Corporal Platoon 3
Corporal Michael T. Corporal Platoon 4/Trainer
Officer Miriam C. 138 Patrol Officer
Officer Robert M. 108 Patrol Officer
Officer Robert D. Jr. 111 Patrol Officer
Officer Kyle S. 141 Patrol Officer
Officer Brian D. 202 Patrol Officer
Officer Mintrani S. 118 Patrol Officer
Officer Javier P. 200 Patrol Officer
Officer Rob D. 207 Patrol Officer
Officer Richard C. 136 Patrol Officer
Officer Charles G. 141 Patrol Officer
Officer Rajeshwar S. 123 Patrol Officer/Equipment
Officer Eric F. 133 Patrol Officer/Equipment
Officer Jason H. 205 Patrol Officer
Officer Michael P. 204 Patrol Officer
Officer Dale S. 151 Patrol Officer


About Chief Feurstein

Appointed in September 2010, Auxiliary Police Chief Ray Feurstein is a Vietnam era Veteran (Navy), Chief Feurstein is certified as a Fire Police instructor for the NYS Department of State, Fire Commission/DCJS and a DCJS certified General topics instructor for Zone 5 Police Academy. He is currently taking his Master instructors certification training and will be attending firearms instructional certification as well. Chief Feurstein is an American Red Cross Disaster Response Volunteer. He is a retired Counter Terrorism and Strategic Disaster Recovery 911/E911 Senior Communications Engineer for a global communications company. Chief Feurstein is also a Boy Scout mentor and certified merit badge instructor in Traffic Safety, Civilian Penal law and General Safety practices. He is currently heading up a Children’s Safety Program for elementary schools in the Schenectady City School District. 


Awards and Breast Bars

American Flag Breast Bar
May be worn by all members

World Trade Center Breast Bar
May be worn by all members

Award of Valor
Valor Bar May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Falor

Award of Commendation
Commendation Bar May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Commendation

Award of Merit
Award of Merit Bar May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Merit

Unit Citation
Unit Citation Bar May be worn by all members of the unit in the year the citation was earned

Community Service Award (3,000 hours)
Community Service Award Bar May be worn by all members who have 3,000 hours of service in the Auxiliary Police

500 Hours Award
500 Hour Award Bar May be worn by all members who have 500 hours of service in the Auxiliary Police

First Year Service Award
First Year Service Bar May be worn by all members that have completed their first year of volunteer service




Contact Info

Mark LaViolette

Carmen Pantalone
Deputy Director

Ray Feurstein
Auxiliary Police Chief 

Emergency Management
130 Princetown Plaza
Schenectady, NY
(518) 370-3113 (p)