New York State Training Requirements 
Auxiliary Police officers are certified as "Part-Time Peace Officers without Firearms Training" by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)-Municipal Police Training Council and are registered as peace officers in the NYS DCJS registry of peace officers.
Auxiliary Police recruits are required by DCJS to pass a 16-hour "Auxiliary Police Basic Training Course" which is classified as "Part Time Peace Officer Training".  Recruits must pass this training course within the first year from the date of their Oath of Office. The training given in these courses includes: penal law, police procedures, powers of a peace officer, radio protocol and use, unarmed self defense, self defense with a straight baton, handcuff, first aid, and Use of Force and Deadly Force penal Code requirements, process and limitations.

All Auxiliary Police officers are required by New York State to pass an annual refresher course in the use of force with the straight baton/handcuff, and Fire Arms qualification, which is given once a year to maintain part time peace officer status.

Schenectady County Auxiliary Police Training
The Schenectady County unit members attend and complete 15 plus sessions of a basic training course given by Schenectady County Auxiliary Training Officers and/or the Schenectady County Sheriffs Department.

Training includes:

  • Peace Officer Powers and Penal Code
  • New York State Penal Law
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness (Hazmat)
  • NYS NIMS/FEMA Incident Command (100a, 200a)
  • Baton/handcuff Training
  • OC spray (pepper) “optional”
  • 47 Hour Fire Arms training Zone 5 Academy (mandatory for “carry on duty”)
  • Self Defense/Hand to Hand
  • Blood-Borne Pathogens (Web Based)
  • Basic First Aid/CPR
  • Traffic and Pedestrian/Crowd Control
  • Response to Critical Incidents
  • Gang Awareness
  • CSI Crime Scene preservation
  • NYS Police Counter Terrorism awareness.

The unit has also participated in county-wide preparedness programs through the Office of Emergency Management. Some of these programs include hazardous materials awareness, Albany Med flight operations, and terrorism awareness. Officers from the unit participate in major inter-agency disaster drills such as the simulated plane crash in the Mohawk River and the United States Air Guard disaster preparedness exercise.


Contact Info

Mark LaViolette

Carmen Pantalone
Deputy Director

Ray Feurstein
Auxiliary Police Chief 

Emergency Management
130 Princetown Plaza
Schenectady, NY
(518) 370-3113