Stick Practice & Open Figure Skating

Stick Pratice 
Stick Practice occurs as our schedule permits and allows all ages of individuals, children through adults, to practice their stickhandling and shooting skills.
Note: Slapshots are not permitted.
Cost: $7.00 per skater. Goaltenders skate free.

Equipment to Bring: 
Skates; helmet with face cage, stick, pucks (must bring your own), hockey gloves (suggested).

Freestyle Ice (Open Figure Skating)Cost: 
$15.00 per figure skater.
Professionals skate free of charge. Our sound system is available upon request for the playing of CD's.



Contact Info

5 Tower Road
Scotia, NY 12302
(518) 384-CHIL (384-2445)
(518) 384-0549 (f)