Schenectady County Partners on Capital Region Community Health Needs Assessment

Every 3 years, Ellis Hospital, Sunnyview Rehab Hospital and Schenectady County Public Health Services go through a process to write a Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan. This is done by reviewing community level health data with our stakeholders, discussing the data at our Schenectady Coalition for a Healthy Community, and by posting a survey to request input from the broader community. As a result of all of this information combined, we determine priority areas that the Schenectady County Community would like to work on for the Community Health Improvement Plan cycle. 

For 2019-2021, the following 2 priority areas were chosen: 

1. Prevent Chronic Diseases with the focus area of Tobacco Prevention 

2. Promote Well-Being and Prevent Mental and Substance Use Disorders with the focus area of Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevention

Click to view the Community Health Improvement Plan and Community Health Needs Assessment report and supplemental spreadsheets.



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