Schenectady County Legislature and Sheriff Dagostino Share Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips

Schenectady County is sharing tips from the New York State Police with residents to help keep kids safe this Halloween.
“These are great tips for kids and their parents,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature. “Taking a few precautions can go a long way in keeping Halloween a fun and safe night for the whole family.”

“Parents can use these tips as a guideline when talking to their kids about what is and isn’t safe to do while trick-or-treating,” said Sheriff Dominic Dagostino. “Let’s make this year the safest Halloween yet in Schenectady County.”

Safety Tips

  1. Do not allow a child to go "Trick or Treating" alone. Be sure older children TAKE A FRIEND and an ADULT accompanies young children.
  2. Be certain to accompany young children to the door of every house they approach.
  3. Be certain that parents are familiar with every house and all people from which the children receive treats.
  4. Children should be cautioned that they should NOT enter any home without prior permission from their parents.
  5. Children should be cautioned not to approach any vehicle, occupied or not, unless they know the owner and are accompanied by a parent.
  6. Make sure that all children carry a glow stick or wear reflective clothing.
  7. When using facial masks, make sure that children can see and breathe properly and easily.
  8. All costumes and masks should be clearly marked as flame resistant.
  9. Children should be warned to NEVER approach any house that is not well lit and does not have a porch or "outside" light on.
  10. Children should be cautioned to remember any suspicious incidents and report them to their parents and/or the proper official.
  11. Children should be cautioned to run away from people who try to trick them with special treats.
  12. Children should be instructed to scream and make a scene if anyone tries to grab them or force them, in any way, to go with them.
  13. Parents should inspect all treats and dispose of anything that seems to have been tampered with, has been opened, or is not wrapped.
  14. A good alternative to "Trick or Treating" is for parents to organize parties at home, in schools, or in community centers.

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