Schenectady County Highway Improvement Program Investing Nearly $4 Million in Town Roadways

Street Paving

Schenectady County today announced that the County’s 2019 Highway Improvement Program is underway and includes regular preventative maintenance with 24.35 miles of newly paved roads in the towns.  In total, nearly $4 million will be invested into the county highway system from federal, state and county funds.

“Schenectady County is proud to be a leader in the maintenance of roads and bridges in our towns ,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature.  “We do not wait for our roads to be in total disrepair.  We have a long-term plan that focuses on prevention and maintenance that improves safety and results in long-term cost savings for our County Residents.”

Paving projects are now underway or will begin this summer in the Towns of Glenville (10.64 miles) and Duanesburg and Princetown (13.71 miles):

Town of Glenville:       Gleason Road, Baldwin Road, High Mills Road, Lake Hill Road, North Road, Van Vorst Road

Town of Duanesburg: Knight Road, Dennison Road, Scotch Ridge Road, Sterling Road

Town of Princetown:   Parkers Corners Road, Sterling Road

Additional improvement projects include the River Road/Rosendale Roundabout and Sunnyside Road Preservation.

“We realize there will be temporary inconveniences for our residents and drivers while these projects are underway, but we know that the long-term gains will be worth the short-term disruptions and appreciate motorist’s patience,” continued Chair Jasenski.



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