Packages must be ordered and mailed into the facility from reputable stores. Personal package drop-off is not allowed. A list of authorized items is located below and in the Veeder Avenue lobby. Once the package is received, it will be searched solely for contraband, repackaged and labeled, and transported to the housing unit. This process should take no more than five (5) days, but may take longer under certain circumstances.


Amount  Allowable Items
7 Cotton Underwear (No Silk or silk-like)
7 Cotton T-shirts (white only, no designs)
2 Pairs of Long Johns (white only)
7 Bras,cotton (no underwire)
7 Pairs of socks (white only)
2 White or light grey sweatshirts (no hoods or zippers)
1 Pair prescription eyeglasses/soft eyeglass case
1 Set of Contact Lenses/contact lens case
1 Bottle of Contact Lens Solution
2 Non-white towels (not to exceed 24"x48")
2 Non-white washcloths
2 Nightgowns or sleep shirts (no buttons or snaps)
1 Pair canvas sneakers (white only)
1 Small religious medalion (less that 1" in diameter, no more than $50 in value)
1 Book of worship (Bible, Torah, Qua'an, etc)
6 Publications (newspapers, magazines, or soft-covered books; must come from publisher and/or have a subscription)

"Note: Clothing items cannot be silk or silk-like, and cannot contain buttons, snaps, zippers, pockets, or visible logos/designs. All clothing tops (i.e. T-shirts, sweatshirts, sleep shirts, etc.) must be crew neck. No V-neck or tank tops are allowed.”