Schenectady County Legislature Passes 2020 Budget with No Property Tax Increase. Holds Line on Taxes for 5th Straight Year.

2020 Tentative Budget

The Schenectady County Legislature tonight voted unanimously to approve the 2020 County budget that provides for no increase in the County tax levy.

“After a line-by-line review of the Manager’s budget the County Legislature is proud to once again freeze taxes in 2020,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature.  “The Legislature worked closely with the Manager and his staff to set our priorities and craft a budget that maintains the services that our residents have come to expect from County Government without a tax increase.  In fact, taxes are one percent lower with this budget than they were in 2016.”

The Schenectady County legislature has worked tirelessly to control costs that are within the County’s control and work with municipal partners to share resources and save taxpayers money.  This hard work and forward planning has led to the fifth consecutive budget with either a tax cut or no increase.

The 2020 budget includes continued funding for the specialized Targeted Street Crime Unit and the Sheriff’s Drug Task Force, as well as $16.6 million in County, Federal, and State funds for road and bridge infrastructure projects.  Schenectady County also continues to invest in our County Library System and SUNY Schenectady.  In 2020 we’ll benefit from the first full year operation of the new Mont Pleasant Library Branch.  Schenectady County will also have the fifth consecutive year of increased funding for SUNY Schenectady County Community College as well as a capital investment of $1.3 million into new and upgraded college facilities.



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