Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board

The principal responsibility of the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board is to review land owner applications for inclusion in the County's Agricultural District.

The Agricultural District provides agricultural lands with a number of benefits and protections without burdening a landowner with additional restrictions. The district is comprised of 19,673 acres or approximately 13% of the County’s total land area (see map). The goal of the Agricultural District is to maintain a viable agricultural industry within the County and we encourage local farmers and growers to consider enrolling their property.

2019 Eight-Year Review

The Schenectady County Agricultural District was created in 1988 and must be reviewed and recertified by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets every eight years.  The County is currently conducting this eight-year review during the month of June.  The eight-year review process presents an opportunity to analyze the County’s agricultural base and offers the County Legislature the opportunity to alter the boundaries of the district in recognition of changing land uses. 

Owners of property within the Agricultural District receive a mailed, written notice of review and Review Worksheet to complete. The primary goal of the review is to ensure that the Agricultural District consists predominantly of viable agricultural land.

Completed worksheets and the Agricultural District boundary will be reviewed by the County’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board.  A public hearing will be held by the County Legislature and a final vote taken by the Legislature to adopt the boundaries of the Agricultural District.

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More information on Agricultural Districts can be obtained from the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets web site.





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