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Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board

The principal responsibility of the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board is to review land owner applications for inclusion in the County's Agricultural District.

The Schenectady County Legislature has established the month of December as the annual 30-day period within which a land owner may submit an application to include viable agricultural land within the County Agricultural District. A landowner who wishes to include land within the Agricultural District must submit the Agricultural District Review Worksheet to the Schenectady County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board. The forms can be submitted to: Schenectady County Department of Economic Development and Planning, 107 Nott Terrace, Suite 303, Schaffer Heights, Schenectady, NY 12308 or Fax: 382-5539.

Application forms can be accessed by the above link or obtained by contacting the Department of Economic Development and Planning at 386-2225.

After the thirty day review period is completed, applications will be reviewed by the County’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board. A public hearing will be held by the County Legislature and a final vote taken by the Legislature to include additional parcels in the Agricultural District.

CLICK HERE for the Agriculture District 8 Year Review.

The Agricultural District provides agricultural lands with a number of benefits and protections without burdening a landowner with additional restrictions. There are currently 318 parcels in the district which is comprised of 18,415 acres or approximately 14% of the County’s total land area (see map). The goal of the Agricultural District is to maintain a viable agricultural industry within the County and we encourage local farmers and growers to consider enrolling their property.

More information on Agricultural Districts can be obtained from the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets web site
Agricultural Farmland Protection Plan Sept 2002

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