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Schenectady County Heart Gallery

Schenectady County is a member of the Capital Region Heart Gallery, an exhibit of portraits of local children who need forever families.  The photographs capture the unique spirit and personality of each of these children and young adults who are waiting to be adopted.

Listed below you can find the profiles of children in Schenectady County who are available for adoption. Each profile will include a photograph, some basic background information and the contact at Schenectady County Office of Children and Family Services to get more information about the child and the process to adopt a child. Click here for our online information request form.

Amanda Web

Amanda is a 19 year old sensitive and affectionate girl. She is a beautiful young lady. She has a connection with a previous foster parent and would want to maintain that relationship. She loves one to one attention and wants to please adults. She loves dogs and is very good with them. She enjoys movies, playing video games, swimming, and cooking.

Contact: Michelle Cappelletti @ 518-388-4679 for more information

Brianna Web

Breanna is a 13 year old young lady who enjoys animals. She would love a family with pets or horses. Breanna, like many teen girls, is showing an interest in her appearance. She has started cheerleading and she appears to be enjoying this. She enjoys doing chores and loves to play with her DSI. Breanna thrives in an environment with a lot of structure and supervision.  An experienced couple or single parent would be ideal for Breanna.

Contact: Lorena Robinson at 518-388-4677 for more information.

Darrell Web

Darrell is 17 years old and can be quite personable. He loves to draw and is artistically inclined. He likes to be silly at times. He would like a family that can provide him with a lot of love and guidance.

Contact: Lorena Robinson @ 518-388-4677 for more information

David_P Web

David, age 10, is a bright, charming, and outgoing child who thrives with support and guidance. David loves to play games, create art, and be outside. School exists as a significant strength for David, as his curious and eager-minded nature is afforded opportunities to develop, learn, and grow. David thrives in environments that offer an increased degree of support, direct assistance, and role-modeling. David experiences challenges in navigating peer based activities, but does well when assisted by an adult.

Contact: Lori Pirrone at 518-388-4399 for more information

Edwin Web

Edwin is a charming and likable 18 year old young man. He enjoys making friends and really takes great interest in fashion. Edwin loves music and truly has an enormous amount of love for Justin Beiber music and fashionable style clothing. Edwin has an interest in party planning and frequently follows the seasons as he expresses his interest in preparing decorations and party goods for the holidays and seasons. Shopping is Edwin’s favorite hobby. Edwin demonstrates a strong desire to form relationships with peers and adults. In school, Edwin is outgoing, friendly and eager to please. He is highly motivated by praise and positive attention. 

Contact: Janice Corker @ 518-388-4349 for more information

Jerry Web

Gerald (Jerry), Age 12, has an excellent sense of humor and enjoys interacting with adults. Jerry likes to be active and enjoys all sports and outdoor activities, especially basketball. Jerry recently learned to play the guitar and please a great guitar intro of "Smoke on the Water."

Contact: Michelle Cappelletti @ 518-388-4679 for more information

Mercedes Web

Mercedes is 17 years old. He is sensitive and affectionate. He really wants to join a loving family. He enjoys TV, coloring pictures, video games, dancing, and occassionally playing sports. He has an older brother that he would like to maintain contact with. He would like to be an only child to receive lots of love, guidance, and attention.

Contact: Janice Corker @ 518-388-4349 for more information

Finding a Forever Family

Roxanne Web 
Roxy has found her forever family!

Roxy, age 14, is a bright, talkative young lady with clear values and a great sense of humor. Roxy is a good student who has aspirations of going to college and being a fashion designer. Roxy relates well to adults and peers and has a strong sense of loyalty. Roxy listens to many different kinds of music, loves to dance and is thinking about trying out for the cheerleading squad. Roxy's entire face lights up when she smiles, which she does often. Roxy loves animals and does not have a specific idea about what type of family she would consider - she wants to keep her options open.

Constance WEb
Constance has found her Forever Family!

Constance, age 6, is a medically fragile child who requires infant care. She loves to be held, being around others, and listening to music. Constance attends a specialized school program daily and is making strides. She is mobile with a wheelchair and loves to go for walks and being outdoors.

Silviano Web
Silviano has found his Forever Family!
Silviano is 16 years old. He is a strong minded teenager who advocates for his needs. He wants a two parent traditional family. He would want to maintain a relationship with his 13 year old brother and 16 year old sister. He enjoys hiking, playing outside, and fishing. He is interested in trying camping. He enjoys reading mystical books. He likes the New York Yankees and likes to tease those who don't! He recently started visiting two families and would want those relationships to continue.

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