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Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) was signed into law by President Clinton on October 30, 2000. The law places new emphasis on local mitigation planning to promote a proactive disaster preparedness approach and reduce the growing cost of disaster relief efforts by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The law requires State and Local jurisdictions to develop a Hazard Mitigation Plan and update it every five years  to qualify for specific post-disaster grants. For the past two years, the County Economic Development and Planning Department, Office of Emergency Management and the Mitigation Planning Committee have been working with the County’s eight local municipalities to update the Hazard Mitigation Plan. The purpose of this plan is to assess the impacts of natural hazards and develop a strategy with long-term solutions and alternatives for addressing these problems. While we can't prevent natural events such as tornadoes or flooding from occurring, we may be able to reduce the impact of these events and improve our ability to respond and recover when they do occur.

FEMA has approved the final Hazard Mitigation Plan Update which you can review at the link below. The plan will be formally updated again in five years. In the interim if you have any new ideas about natural hazard impacts or potential mitigation actions you can submit them to the County contact listed below.

CLICK HERE to review the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Point of Contact
If you wish to provide new input prior to the five year update which will begin in 2019-20 please send them by mail or e-mail to the Schenectady County Economic Development and Planning Department

Mailing Address: 
James Kalohn
Schenectady County Dept of Economic Development and Planning
107 Nott Terrace
Schenectady, NY 12308
Telephone:(518) 386-2225
Fax:(518) 382-5539

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Contact Information

Mark LaViolette
Phone: (518) 370-3113 x1

Robert Moore
Deputy Director
Phone: (518) 370-3113 x

Kyle Rudolphsen
Fire Coordinator
Phone:  (518) 370-3113 x5

Schenectady County Flood Brochure

Did you know that Schenectady County has had nine serious floods in the past 98 years, and almost half occurred in the past 13 years? The Frequency of flooding is unpredictable. This is why you should always be prepared. Click here to view our Flood Preparedness Brochure.

Schenectady County Voluntary Evacuation Registry

Every minute counts in an emergency.  That is why we are pleased to announce the new Schenectady County Voluntary Evacuation Registry.  The registry will help make sure our seniors and special needs residents get the assistance they need during an emergency evacuation.

Registration Form (PDF)

Emergency Checklist