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Disbursement of Child Support

  • Payments made to the SCU are meant to support your child.  If you are not receiving public assistance, the SCU will send the payments to you as promptly as they are received.  If you are a public assistance customer, you will receive up to the first $50 of current support collected in each month addiction to your public assistance grant.
  • The SCU may collect child support payments owed by taking these amounts our of the NCP’s federal or state income tax refunds.  If money is received in this manner, federal income tax refunds will first be used to pay back public assistance for support payments the NCP failed to pay while you received public assistance.  Any amount that remains will be sent to you or returned to the NCP if no further monies are owed to you.
  • State tax refunds will first be used to pay you any past due support money that you may be owed.  Any amount that remains will then be used to pay back public assistance for support payments the NCP failed to make while you received public assistance or returned to the NCP if no further monies are owed.

You may be asked to return all or part of the amount sent to you if the Internal Revenue Service later determines that it belongs to someone- else that filed a joint tax return with the NCP.  Because of the time allowed for filing an amended return, a request for repayment may be made for up to six years after you receive the money.


Direct Deposit is a secure and reliable way to receive your child support payments.  Money is electronically transferred from the Child Support Collection Unit bank account into your checking or savings account.  Direct Deposit is automatic and safe. All you have to do is complete, sign and return a form to enroll.  The form can be obtained by calling the Child Support Customer Helpline at 1-888-208-4485 or you can go to the New York State Child Support site and download one.  That website is  This website also contains Frequently Asked Questions that might help you.

This service is: Confidential-your money goes directly into your account,
Saves Time-no waiting in line to cash or deposit your check, Safe-no lost or stolen checks.

Your money is generally available within two business days after a child support payment is received.  To verify that a deposit was made you can contact your financial institution, view your account information online or call 1-800-846-0773.

DEBIT CARD: The New York EPPICard™ Debit MasterCard®

If you, as a custodial parent, do not elect to enroll in Direct Deposit you will receive your payments through a debit card The New York EPPICard™ Debit MasterCard® card.  The debit card is accepted wherever these MasterCard brand marks are displayed: MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus®.

Note: While there is no monthly fee for using the New York EPPICard™, there are fees for certain transactions.  You can avoid fees by following the suggestions found in the Frequently Asked Questions at .

Benefits of the New York EPPICard™ include:  Safe, secure and convenient access to your support payments, No bank needed, No check cashing fees, Use the card worldwide. Balance and account information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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