COVID-19 Information

Currently Schenectady County Public Health Services is transitioning their COVID-19 data system to NY State's CommCare system. During the transition, data normally reported on, including the information on this page, is not as easily accessible.

It is our hope that once the transition is complete, we will be able to offer more information, including demographics, in a better format. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make this happen.

Demographic Data

Demographic data is self-reported, and no one is obligated to share what race or ethnicity they are, which is why some information is unknown.

7.27.2020 Demographics

Active Positive Cases in Schenectady County as of July 20, 2020 @11:59pm

7.24.2020 Current Positive Cases in Schenectady County by Zip Code

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7.28.2020 Mortality Demographics