Real Property Tax Service Agency

The Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service Agency is an independent, statutory Agency that exists to provide services that assist local government officials in achieving and maintaining equitable assessment administration.  We provide the resources that accomplish this function as well as the expertise to assist localities in accomplishing equitable assessment administration.

The goal of equitable assessment administration is to provide a sound, reliable, fair and easily understood foundation for the determination of the real property tax.

The Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service Agency will be open to the public by appointment only effective June 17, 2020. 

Please call our office beforehand at (518) 388-4246 or by clicking on the following link to schedule an appointment: 

Deeds – Questions regarding researching, stamping and recording of deeds.

Tax Maps & Subdivision Maps – Tax map or subdivision map related questions or information.

ImageMate Online – Access to our ImageMate Online website is available by clicking the link below or on our public office computer.

Assessment Rolls – Copies of each municipalities most updated assessment roll are available to view directly from our website below or on our public office computer.

When visiting the RPTSA, please note that a mask or face covering is required and that social distancing requirements and protocols between members of the public and between members of the public and staff must be honored.

2020 Final Assessment Rolls Are Now Available
Schenectady County residents can now link to the local Assessor webpage in each of the Towns and City of Schenectady to view the 2020 Final Assessment Roll*.

Town of Duanesburg
Town of Glenville
Town of Niskayuna
Town of Princetown
Town of Rotterdam
City of Schenectady

ImageMate Online*
Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service also provides ImageMate Online that includes property information and tax maps for the following municipalities; City of Schenectady, Town of Duanesburg, Town of Glenville, Town of Niskayuna, Town of  Princetown, Town of Rotterdam, Village of Delanson, Village of Scotia.  The Schenectady County Tax Maps are available for viewing in PDF format.  The tax map PDFs cannot be printed.

For property tax information for property within the City of Schenectady, you must contact the City of Schenectady Finance office @ (518) 382-5016.

The Schenectady County Real Property Image Mate Online Information is generated from various sources and is a reflection of the best information submitted to the County.

The Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service Agency, the Municipal Assessor(s) and Tax Collector(s) are not responsible for setting the tax rates for the Municipalities or School District.  The budget adopted by your local elected officials generates your tax rate.

*The information provided by ImageMate Online or by linking to your local assessor is a service provide by the Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service Agency. The Schenectady County Real Property Tax Service Agency does not warrant, express or imply, the accuracy, completeness or reliability of this information.  It is the responsibility of the user to consult the Assessor or Tax Collector of the municipality with any question(s) specific to the property.





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