Sheriff Salute to Wall that Heals

Office of the Sheriff  ♦  320 Veeder Ave.,  Schenectady, NY 12307  ♦  (518) 388-4300
Dominic Dagostino, Sheriff


The history of the Office of Sheriff is unparalleled by any other modern governmental office, having recently celebrated its 1,000th anniversary worldwide. And the tradition of the Office of Sheriff is as rich in this country as it is anywhere in the world. Sheriffs played a vital role in the development of this nation during its colonial days and in its infancy as an autonomous republic. In New York State, the Office of Sheriff was provided for in the state's first constitution in 1777, and has existed as a continuous protector of the public good ever since.

The Sheriff's Office is an essential part of the law enforcement community. Its unique structure and the status it carries in county government extend beyond the traditional "Keeper of the Peace" role and into almost every facet of public service. The Sheriff is the only law enforcement officer in the state to be directly elected by those whom he or she serves. As an elected official, the Sheriff is a true public servant, directly accountable to the people.

The Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county and, in many counties of the state, the Sheriff is also the principal source of police protection. The Sheriff's Office not only provides the community with "traditional" high profile police services such as road patrol, criminal investigation and traffic control, but also patrols lakes and waterways, maintains the county jail, enforces civil process, partners with school officials in the placement of school resource officers and carries out myriad other services. The Sheriff's Office is also an integral part of each county's emergency planning system, takes an active role in community crime prevention efforts and victims' assistance programs, is in the forefront of drug awareness education in our schools, and provides specialized services to such special populations as the elderly and veterans.



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