Our Goal

The goal of this Schenectady County project was to create a database of resources so that community members could see what services are available in the area.

Why a Map?

While we could have gone about this in a number of ways, we settled on creating this online map to complete our goal. Why? Because visuals are important. Now, you can see the actual location of a resource that you need; you can click on the organization’s website to find out more information.

Technology has created a simpler way to connect. How could we not use it?

Questions/ Comments/ Updates

To keep this map up to date, we’ll need assistance from the community. If you see any incorrect information, please email us at resourcemap@schenectadycounty.com so that we can make changes as soon as possible.

If you’re part of an organization you don’t see listed, and would like that organization to be added to the database, please fill out this form.

If your organization is included on the map and you need to update any information, please enter only your organization name and email address into the above form; you will be prompted to update your profile by email.

Thank you for using our map – we hope it helps you find what you need!