Electronic Equipment Recycling Program

The Schenectady County Yard Waste Composting Facilty and Resident Recycling Center is an official drop-off location and member of the eWASTE Alliance Partnership Network.  As a member, the Recycling Center will recycle electronic items collected in accordance with the New York State Electroinc Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act.

The program is open to all Schenectady County residents and out-of-county residents who hold a current compost facility permit.

The following electronic items are accepted at the Resident Recycling Center at no charge:

• Computers
• Small Scale Servers
• Keyboards
• Fax Machines
• Printers/Scanners
• Cell Phones
• Microwave ovens

• VCR's and DVD Players
• Digital Music Players and Record Players
• Cameras
• Digital Converter Boxes
• Cable or Satellite Receivers
• Any other audio or visual equipment and accessories


The Resident Recycling Center will also accept small and large TVs for an additional charge:

  • Small TV's and Monitors    $ 10.00 each
  • Large TV's                         $ 15.00 each