Who are We


The Schenectady County Auxiliary Police unit currently consists of 30 members and operates under the supervision of the Schenectady County Office of Emergency Management and in coordination with the Schenectady County Sheriffs Department.

EMO Director Mark LaViolette
EMO Deputy Director Kyle Rudolphsen
Schenectady County Sheriff   Dominic Dagostino
Auxiliary Police Chief    Ray Feurstein


Roster of Officers

Car # 

Member Status
Chief Ray Feurstein   Board of Directors
Deputy Chief Fred Johnson


Board of Directors
Captain Denise Devito   Board of Directors
Lieutenant Robin Klimek   Platoon 1 Leader
Lieutenant John Retz   Platoon 2 Leader
Sergeant at Arms
Lieutenant Scott Ferguson   Platoon 3 Leader
Lieutenant Dan Hildreth   Platoon 4 Leader
Sergeant Pat Parisi   Chaplin/Treasurer
Board of Directors
Sergeant Vince Califano   Treasurer
Sergeant Steve Lazinski   Patrol Officer
Sergeant Jim Piazza   Equipment Officer
Police Officer Keith Edwards 126 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Tom Compoli 117 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Alan Suhocki 121 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Brian Selchick 134 Secretary/Patrol Officer
Police Officer Sadie Class 132 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Miriam Cajuste 138 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Robert Mason 123 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Dale Samson 111 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Kyle Stark 141 Communications/Patrol Officer
Police Officer Kevin Saunders 113 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Mintrani Somwaru 134 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Jim Friello 101 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Nick Hockmuth 139 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Anthony Costello 110 Patrol Officer
Police Officer Scott Doherty 137 Patrol Officer


About Auxiliary Chief Feurstein

Appointed in September 2010, Auxiliary Chief Ray Feurstein is a Vietnam Veteran (Navy), and is a member of the District 6 Volunteer Fire Department Fire Police Unit currently training for FF1/FF2. Chief Feurstein is certified as a Fire Police instructor for the NYS Department of State, Fire Commission and an American Red Cross Disaster Response Volunteer. He is a Counter Terrorism and Strategic Disaster Recovery 911/E911 Senior Communications Engineer for a global communications company. Chief Feurstein is also a Boy Scout mentor and certified merit badge instructor in Traffic Safety, Civilian Penal law and General Safety practices. He is currently heading up a Children’s Safety Program for elementary schools in the Schenectady City School District. 


There are seven titles (referred to as ranks) in the Schenectady County Auxiliary Police.


Awards and Breast Bars

American Flag Breast Bar
  May be worn by all members

World Trade Center Breast Bar
  May be worn by all members

Award of Valor
  May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Falor

Award of Commendation
  May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Commendation

Award of Merit
  May be worn by all members who have received the Award of Merit

Unit Citation
  May be worn by all members of the unit in the year the citation was earned

Community Service Award (3,000 hours)
  May be worn by all members who have 3,000 hours of service in the Auxiliary Police

500 Hours Award
  May be worn by all members who have 500 hours of service in the Auxiliary Police

First Year Service Award
  May be worn by all members that have completed their first year of volunteer service



Mark LaViolette

Robert Moore
      Deputy Director

Kyle Rudolphsen
     Fire Coordinator

Emergency Management
130 Princetown Plaza
Schenectady, NY
(518) 370-3113 (p)