Equalization Rates

In New York State, the property tax is a local tax, raised and spent locally to finance local governments and public schools. While the State does not collect or receive any direct benefit from the property tax, this tax is still of major importance as the largest single revenue source for the support of municipal and school district services. More than $26 billion is raised in local property taxes across the state annually. 
The New York State Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) is statutorily obligated to administer an equalization program in order to assure equitable property tax allocation among nearly 4,000 taxing jurisdictions in New York State, and to insure the proper allocation of State Aid to Education funds, among other purposes. Equalization seeks to measure the relationship of locally assessed values to an ever-changing real estate market. Each year, ORPS calculates equalization rates for each of the state’s more than 1,200 assessing units.

Schenectady County Municipal Equalization Rates:

Type Municipality
Status Date
Complaint Filed Level of
420000 County  Schenectady  97.26 Final 9/18/2017 N      
421500 City Schenectady 118.00  Final  08/15/2017 N 118.00    
422000 Town Duanesburg 33.80  Final      08/07/2017   N  33.80    
422001 Village Delanson       N      
422200 Town Glenville 92.00  Final  08/07/2017 N  92.00    
422201 Village Scotia       N      
422400 Town Niskayuna 100.00  Final  08/11/2017 N  100.00    
422600 Town Princetown 33.80  Final  08/02/2017 N  33.80    
422800 Town Rotterdam 100.00  Final  08/11/2017 N  100.00    

As reported by the Assessor. Section 305-2 of the Real Property Tax Law requires that all real property be assessed at a uniform percentage of market value. (In Nassau County and New York City the uniform percentage is not municipal-wide, but applies to property classes). Most villages are not required to report a uniform percentage. 

**If a code appears in the 'CAP Code' column, the municipality is part of a Coordinated Assessment Program. 
***If a code appears in the 'Section 1402(3)' column, the municipality is a non-assessing village which uses the equalization rate(s) of the town(s) whose codes are shown.