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STOPPED Parental Notification Program

Stopped Sticker


Schenectady County STOPPED (Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers) is a new parental notification program that allows parents to partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist their efforts in raising responsible young drivers.

STOPPED was created through the Schenectady County Traffic Safety Board in partnership with local police agencies and is a voluntary program that notifies parents and guardians of any problems or potential problems with their teen driver. Parents and guardians will simply register any vehicle that may be operated by a driver under the age of twenty-one with the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office. An identification sticker will be provided for all registered vehicles to be displayed on the windshield. The sticker will be a visible reminder of parental supervision for the young driver, and if the vehicle is ever stopped by police, the parent or guardian will receive notification of the stop. The notification is intended to enable parents and guardians to exercise the actions they believe will better serve the driving skill development of their teen.

Participating police agencies include Glenville Police Department, Niskayuna Police Department, Rotterdam Police Department, Schenectady Police Department, and Scotia Police Department.

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