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Civil Service Exam Announcements

How to Take a Civil Service Exam
The New York State Constitution states that public employees must be hired for jobs on the basis of merit and fitness. The constitution also says that, for most jobs, merit and fitness must be measured by examination.

Click here for information from the New York State Department of Civil Service on how to take a Civil Service written test.

Below is a list of all current exams within Schenectady County. For all exams, please see the General Conditions. At this time, applications are not accepted via the internet. Please follow the application guidelines.

Click here for a Civil Service Exam Application.

Please note, not all exams listed below are for the County of Schenectady. Each exam announcement will identify the jurisdiction the exam is for.

Open Competitive Exams
Name of Exam/Jurisdiction Exam
Last Date
for Filing
Librarian I
Schenectady County
66825 Continuous
Librarian II
66827 Continuous
Public Health Nurse
Schenectady County
400 Continuous
Occupational Therapist (Schools)
Schenectady City School District
300-83 March 23, 2015
Probation Assistant
Schenectady County
67-645 March 16, 2015
Probation Officer/Probation Officer Trainee
Schenectady County
67-660 March 16, 2015
Probation Officer/Probation Off Trainee (Spanish Spk)
Schenectady County
67-659 March 16, 2015
Assistant Personnel Director
Schenectady City School District  
62-842 March 2, 2015
Personnel and Benefits Administrator
Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority
64-917 March 2, 2015

Competitive Class Positions
The competitive class of civil service consists of positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examinations. These examinations are either open competitive, that is, open to all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position; or, promotional, for those individuals already serving in a lower position within the same jurisdiction as the existing vacancy.

     Provisional appointments may be made to positions in the competitive class if no list of eligible candidates exists. All provisional appointees are subject to passing a competitive examination and be reachable on any list established as a result of such an examination.

Continuous recruitment positions can be applied for at any time, and the eligible list will be used to fill vacancies as they occur. The personnel officer of Schenectady County reserves the right to terminate continuous recruitment and re-establish a periodic, announced-date type of examination.

Promotional Exams

Name of Exam/Jurisdiction Exam
Last Date
for Filing
Coordinator of Payroll and Benefits
Town of Niskayuna
74-748   March 2, 2015
Personnel and Benefits Administrator
City of Schenectady-Finance Department
76-202 March 2, 2015
Civilian Supervisor of Traffic Services
City of Schenectady-Police Department    
76-256 March 16, 2015
Principal Social Welfare Examiner
Schenectady County-Social Services
75-998 March 16, 2015
Probation Supervisor
Schenectady County-Probation
76-232 March 16, 2015
Senior Probation Officer
Schenectady County-Probation
76-233 March 16, 2015


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