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Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling
Including End of Life Management for
Computer & Computer Peripheries, TVs & Cell Phones

There is a new law in New York State governing the recycling of electronic waste. To learn about the law and how to get rid of electronic items click here and visit the site on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Website.

Throw Away your old,
Unwanted Computer or Televisions

  • As of January 1 2012 it is ilegal for governements and business to accept computers for disposal (They can still accept them for recycling.)
  • As of January 1, 2015 it will be ilegal for individuals or households to dispose of electronic waste (recycling it is OK.)
Locations to Recycle Old Computers

The Technology Surplus Store is a second hand electronics store, reuse center & recycler in the Glenville Business and Technology Park off of Route 5 in Scotia. They accept most electronic items including computers, computer peripherals and television sets at no cost. To learn about their programs and to get the hours that they are open and directions visit or call 377-2200.

Computer Answers is a computer services business and retailer in the Crosstown Plaza on Route 7 in Schenectady. They accept computers, computer peripherals and television sets at no cost. To learn more and to get the hours that they are open and directions call them at 631-4303.

in the Hannaford Plaza on Altamont Ave, Rotterdam, accepts unwanted computers, monitors and other peripheries and no charge. They also accept "working" television sets that have a cable connecter. By "working" they mean that it will work if hooked up to a cable or converter box. Call 355-4265 for further information.
Staples in the Hannaford Plaza at Altamont Ave. and Crane Street in Rotterdam will accept computers and computer related equipment. Dell products are free their may be a charge for others. Call 356-5638 and ask about the computer recycling program.

Best Buy in Crossgates Mall offers Computer and TV recycling for free and for store coupons. Visit and click on the recycling text under Product Support at the bottom of the page or call them at 452-6881.

The Schenectady County Composting and Recycling Center at 24 Hetcheltown Road in Glenville offers free recycling of most electronic items. An annual $20 fee is required to participate. The electronics collection service now available in addition to the acceptance of yard waste, recyclables and bulky items with the permit. Call 399-6980 to find out how to get the permit and details about the program.

The Niskayuna Transfer Station and Recycling Center is located at 2555 River Road. The Center accepts most electronic items. Permits are required. The facility is open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Call 377-1400 for details.

Hazardous Materials in Your Computer

There are a variety of hazardous materials in your computer and TV. The lead in the glass of your monitor is probably the most problematic. Mercury and cadmium are also in batteries that provide illumination to laptop computers, digital cameras and other electronics. These items are hazardous materials and can cause environmental damage or risk to human health if  disposed of inappropriately.

Your Used Computer Has Value

Your old or unwanted computer has value, either in its current state, for parts, or as scrap. The highest and best use would be to try to donate it to a worthy not-for-profit or institution or to sell it. If it is not appropriate for sale or donation, then you can bring it to a computer recycler who can make sure that the hazardous materials are handled properly and that parts and materials are put to good use.

Donating or Selling your Old Computer

1) Protect Your Private Data

Your computer is likely to contain a lot of your private data. For example, if you have ever purchased anything online, your computer may have stored your credit card information. Deleting everything may not protect you, as deleting does not actually get rid of information; it only destroys the ability to easily find it. There are programs that you can acquire to "wipe" the data from your hard drive. Although this will require any new user to install all new software including an operating system, wiping your computer before you donate or sell it is strongly recommended. If you still have the software disks for the operating system and other applications, you can sell them or donate them along with your computer.

2) Understand Basic Specifications

Unless you have a computer with minimal system requirements, no one is likely to want it. A minimal processor of a Pentium IV is required to run most software applications today. There may very well be other requirements as well. Make sure that you understand your computer's system so that you can adequately communicate this information with the buyer or recipient of the donation.

3) Places to Donate

GE Elfun Computer Rehab of Schenectady Inc.
The Cristina Foundation
The Collective Good Foundation (cell phone recycling only)

4) Places to Sell Computers, As Well as Other Things On-Line

Craigs's List
Schenectady Reuse It Yahoo Group

Recycling Your computer

1) Protect Your Private Data
Make sure that the firm that is accepting your computer wipes or destroys your hard drive.

2) Dumping in Third World Counties
You may have read or seen on TV about the horrors of processing electronics in third world countries. Schenectady County is committed to ensuring this does not happen with County funded or sponsored programs. However, currently, Federal and State laws are inadequate in regulating this type of behavior and it is virtually impossible to track where the items collected during our programs end up. You can be confident in the programs listed in this flyer.

4) Producer Responsibility

Visit the website of the company who made the computer that you purchased to learn about their environmental and take-back programs of that company. Here are the environmental websites of a few computer manufactures

IBM does not have a program for residents.
Panasonic does not have a program in this region.
SONY does not have a program in this region.

For Further Information Contact:

Schenectady County Department of Economic Development and Planning
Schaffer Heights, Suite 303
107 Nott Terrace
Schenectady NY 12308
or Call 386-2225

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