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Schenectady County Brownfield Assessment Project

Schenectady County has received a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for $350,000 to identify, assess and evaluate Brownfields in Schenectady County. Brownfields are sites where real or suspected environmental contamination prevents full economic use of the site. Because the contamination may only be suspected, investigation alone may free sites up for development or for recreational uses.  Otherwise the investigation is the first step toward receiving state and/or federal money to cleanup the site.

Visit the site below for further information about the proposed project. Information on the project will be added to this website as it is available.

Contact Jeff Edwards in the Department of Economic Development and Planning for further information.

Jeff Edwards
County of Schenectady
Department of Economic Development and Planning

Schaffer Heights, Suite 303
107 Nott Terrace
Schenectady NY 12308
Voice: (518) 386-2225
FAX:   (518) 382-5539

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