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Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council

The Schenectady County
Environmental Advisory Council

SCEAC is made up of volunteers who share a strong commitment to preserving and enhancing the County’s rich environmental resources. The Council consists of 12 at-large members nominated by the Schenectady County Manager and appointed by the Schenectady County Legislature, plus members representing local environmental conservation commissions and six exofficio members.

Powers and Charges of the Council

Council Members and Staff - Biographical Sketches


SCEAC Reports (Click here for links to PDF files of SCEAC Reports)

Learn About Recycling in Schenectady County

Learn About Conserving Energy Programs to Help You Save Money (New 2/10/2014)

Enjoy Schenectady County's Scenic Beauty
In addition to the other programs of the Department of Economic Development and Planning, listed on the left of this page, the County's environmental programs also include Departments, offices and programs listed below:
In addition to Schenectady County Offices, The County funds and/or works closely with many of the programs of the following quazi-governmental agency and not-for-profit institutions. (Warning: clicking on these links will take you off of the Schenectady County website.
Other not-for-profit organizations that do environmental work in Schenectady County include:
(Warning: clicking on these links will take you off of the Schenectady County website.)
Sustainability News

Are you a Schenectady County resident who wants to stay up to date on current environmental topics and information on preserving and enhancing the County's rich environmental resources? 

CLICK HERE to receive Sustainability News from the Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council – this newsletter is issued 3-4 times per year and contains some great information that is of interest to everyone.

Looking for more information?
Please email with any questions about the County Environmental Advisory Council, any comments about the Schenectady County Environment or information on broken links, outdated information or other problems with this area.

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